First day in Tokyo

Yesterday night, after we found home we took one of the greatest showers human beings ever experienced.

Home entrance

“Living room”

After getting clean we headed out for dinner. Being just few minutes walking from Shibuja crossing we went right there.

Despite being quite late, the place was incredibly full of people. The Shibuja crossing truly is amazing: waves of people walking in every direction crossing an intersection.

Shibuja crossing
Next to it is placed the Hachiko statue. During the day this is a hot spot for tourist, but after the sun sets it becomes a meeting point for the Tokyo youngling (being so close to Shibuja district).

Entering Shibuja district
Hungry we decided to look for a place where to have Ramen! All the shop have a vending machine where you select your meal, pay, and get a ticket. You just sit, give the ticket to a waiter and eat.

Ticket vending machine
After eating we walked around Shibuja for a while.

At last we headed home. Once got there we planned for the following day and went to sleep, setting one alarm at 7:30 and a backup alarm at 7:45.

The alarm went off. We didn’t wake up.

The backup alarm went off. We didn’t wake up.

A meteorite could come down and crash on Tokyo. We wouldn’t woke up in any way.

We woke up around 1PM… Yeah! Lunch time!

The choice fell on Ichiran, one of the most highly rated ramen place in Tokyo. Once again we had the select the meal on a machine and give it to a server.

Ramen at Ichiran
I must make a note here. I don’t really like the experience as you eat on a personal boxed table with a small window from where you are served by someone you can’t even see the face. Human interaction = 0. 

We removed the wall making a double box!
Apart from that the ramen wasn’t bad at all. My only concern was on the spyce-ness. I’m quite used with spicy food, so I ordered normal spicy flavour. I was so wrong to underestimate Japan and I’ve got punished. I cried basically the entire meal. Thankfully I ordered a beer to help me with the ramen.
With our belly full we were finally ready to explore Tokyo. Next stop Yoyogi Park with Meji Shrine.

From Shibuja station, taking the Yamanote line we jump off at Harajuku Station. Before entering the park we had a walk on Takeshite Street, probably the most touristic place we’ve seen since we are here in Japan.

Takeshita Street entrance gate
Here we found happiness in the shape of a crepes. With our cravings satisfied we went to the park.

At the south entrance we were welcomed by a Torii gate.

Yoyogi Torii Gate south entrance
These things are huge. Just look at how small are the person at it’s base. And before you ask, No! they are not just short because they are Japanese…

Inside the park we found this collection of barrells of sake wrapped in straws: they are offered every year to the enshrined deities by many sake brewers all around Japan.

Barrels of sake
Next we found another Torii…

Another Torii
… which took us to another smaller Torii…

Golden Torii
… which took us to the Meji Shrine.

Southern entrance to the Meji Shrine
Inside the shrine there was a sacred tree surrounded by a rack full of wooden slates by prayers. All the slates are taken once a day to the monks during the morning ritual. This will help the wish and pray to come true. Maybe…

Prayers and wishes around the sacred tree
From here we went to Shinjuku Gyoen Park, which is one of the most rated park in Tokyo. Unfortunately it was closing down as we were approaching. 16:30. Thanks Obama!

So we decided to go to Akihabara. This is the place where all the gamers, otaku, anime lovers come from around the globe.

You can get lost here between Arcade and shops. We jsut visited a couple of stores before going back to Shinjuku for dinner.

Some stuff
We took the Yamanote line once again, getting out at Shinjuku station, and went to Zauo Fishing. This place is amazing. You get the chance to fish your own dinner and, if you are lucky enough to fish something you can choose how to cook it.

We have been lucky enough to fish two seabream and asked the staff to cook them in all the 4 way possible: sashimi, simmered in soy sauce, grilled and fried.

Seabream fried and simmered in soy sauce

Grilled seabream
Useless to say, we didn’t waste anytuing, and everything was delicious.

The happy fisher with her pray
With our bellies full we went to another pub for a beer and then we headed home.

It has been a full (half) day. Time to sleep and get some rest.

See you tomorrow Tokyo!


3 thoughts on “First day in Tokyo

  1. I think I’m gonna die of envy if you continue posting pictures. Have fuuuuun!!!! (please, keep going with the pictures, especially the geek ones)
    P.D: “The backup alarm went off” suuuuure…


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