Approaching Dubai


I’ve got nothing else to say. One of the best companies to fly with.

We got to our seats in a two chairs configuration. Nothing fancy, but we have plenty of room for our legs.

On our seat, an incredible entertainment system with thousands between movies and TV shows keeps us from getting bored.

Some of the available movies 
The remote, which could be used as a controller for games.

After being offered a welcome on board drink, we decided to keep ourself busy. I opted for watching a movie, Assassin’s Creed looked like the best option, while Sara decided to erudite herself watching documentaries on wild life.

After two hours from departure we’ve been offered food. Vegetarian for Sara, beef for me. Both delicious. Especially the little chocolate cake.

Vegetarian menu
Rice with some tasty side dish
Lentils & beans
The marvellous meat menu
Beef, mashed potato, and something else
This was not food. I consider it a mistake.

Ok. Enough with food. A short flash back to this morning in Bologna…

At the check-in desk we realised that we are definitely too confident with our packing skills.

We managed to underload our baggages, squeezing the entire needs for two weeks vacation in 20 kgs… total! 10 kgs each.

We barely scratched 30% of the max load we could carry.

Well, on the bright side, we have 40 kilos worth of souvenirs when we go back home. 😂

Now, back to the trip.

We experienced a bit of turbulence while traveling over Iran. Not a big deal, but it can be annoying for the ones who are not used to it.

Approaching Dubai we had the chance to admire it from above. Unfortunately we could not take decent pictures, but the Palm island is quite visible, as well as all the city and coast line. Truly amazing.

Shitty snap of Dubai by night

The airplane landed perfectly on time in Dubai, where the temperature is a staggering 31 degrees. I’m so glad we don’t have to leave the airport.

Once on the ground we wondered searching for a shop were to buy a t-shirt. The previous 6 hours on the plane took a heavy toll on my armpit and the previous shirt had to be sterilised with fire🔥.

While shopping for the T-shirt we took a look at some stuff. Probably going to buy something on the flight back home.

Goldish Pottery
Silverish Pottery
Boxes and more pottery
Say hi to my new super fancy 15$ t-shirt

Time to lay down and rest a couple of dozens of minutes while we wait for the next flight.


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